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I began doing readings and healings at the age of 18 and was trained by a branch of Berkeley Psychic Institute. I had two years of training and am an ordained minister with Universal Life Church and the Church of the Divine Man. When contacting, a customer should expect a friendly, down-to-earth reader who is compassionate and will explain things so they can understand it. My aim is to inform and also de-mystify the reading process. No smoke and mirrors; just direct answers. 


Spiritual Counsellor

A developed natural intuition that enables them to link in with a person and understand the past, present and future. Connecting with what is going on in the persons' present life and what is ahead in the future. Picks up on thoughts, feelings, and obstacles and bring clarity with insight.


A psychic who sees images in their minds eye while reading for someone. This may be clear pictures of the past, present and future or can sometimes be presented to them in a symbolic way. A clairvoyant can often read for you just by connecting with you this way and may not use cards in the reading.


Healing is given to somebody by focussing on the energy of the person and bringing them peace, calm and clarity to their mind, body and soul. Healers can often send 'remote healing' which can be so strong it is sometimes physically felt by the receiver. Healing helps promote balance where needed.

Spiritual Counsellor

Spirituality brings a deeper meaning to life, a sense of belonging to and connecting with the universe. Living life spiritually increases awareness of the higher self, listening to your intuition and following your own path life to create inner peace and happiness. A spiritual counsellor can guide you on your way.


Astrology is based on the thought that there is a divine connection between the planets and people. Depending on your date, time and place of birth, astrology can offer you an in depth guide to your character, patterns in life and love compatibility. Astrology gives detailed insight into several aspects of your life.

Q & A with Layla

Please tell us about yourself outside of your work – family, pets, home life etc

I am originally from New York State and am also a freelance writer. I teach yoga and have two pets. Currently living in Southern California, I hope to move to the UK this year to continue working in the music press industry.

Please tell us about your skills as a reader and how you conduct your readings

My training as a reader has been designed to be able to cover a number of different topics and types of readings. Initially I do a connection to the crown chakra and while it seems more direct than with tarot or other tools, it is actually done by tuning in to the readee’s frequency via the color of their crown chakra when they tell me their name. Once I’ve done that, I will match to their chakra colour so that I can then receive images, words, thoughts or feelings from the person. There is no direct interaction of my energy with theirs, and I have multiple techniques to ensure everything remains neutral. It is done in this way so that both my energy and the readee’s energy field are always protected and I only read what I am given permission to read. 

What are your favourite subjects in your readings and what subjects can you look at?

My two favourite subjects in readings are manifestation and self-realization. These often go hand-in-hand, as in order to truly manifest what one wants, it’s important to take full responsibility for all of one’s energy. I enjoy this subject because I feel that while reading, I can help readees understand that a lot of the preconceived notions about relationships, manifestation and reality as a whole come more from conditioning than their true hearts or from source. The real ways to love oneself and take responsibility for one’s life very rarely come from effort, work or trying to figure out what someone else is thinking or feeling; it almost always comes from getting in touch with one’s heart and feeling the way through.

In terms of subjects I can look at different areas as long as the readee is open to my looking at it and it doesn’t infringe on the energy space of others. Popular subjects seem to be relationships, past lives, communicating with past loved ones, pets and akashic records.

What is your most memorable reading that you have given?

I have a ton of really amazing and wonderful readings, but the one that jumps to mind for me recently is when I spoke to someone who had just lost their dog. They called very soon after the pet passed away so I was able to let the person know what messages the dog had for her and also ensure that the dog would still be with her as a guide. Being able to give readings and healings to someone so soon after a loved one has passed is a really special type of reading because I can also help with the transition for both the departed and the person who is still living. It requires a really special level of trust and openness from the readee and the passed loved one and I am always honoured both to witness such an open and pure connection and to help and heal that connection.

Please tell us why you enjoy reading for people

Two main reasons: the healing I get myself when I connect with someone who I can truly help, and the ability to help raise the vibration of the planet by helping my readees raise their own vibrations. The more people we can touch with this high vibration love energy, the more the whole planet benefits.

When did you realise that you had a psychic ability?

Around aged 18. I believe everyone is born with some psychic ability and children know it from a very early age, but it can be conditioned out of us to varying degrees. I was very fortunate to re-connect with my psychic ability at a young age and to receive great training early on. It’s been an invaluable asset for me in my life