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0333 calls charged at stand network rate. 18+. Calls recorded. Entertainment only. May receive free marketing msgs. Text DSTOP to 85358 to Stop. SP: Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk 0208 712 5690.

Weekly Horoscopes

01st March 2021


Mar 21 - Apr 20

Saturn brings about new ideas to old problems. Trust in all you are feeling and thinking. The planets will lead you well if you have faith in all that the last year has so far taught you. Sagittarians link to naughty offers, but ones which are sure to prove more than a little tempting. It’s time to decide who you are and where you’re going. Ring me now to hear why travel brings luck your way.


Apr 21 - May 21

I know you have been through your fair share of stress this last year, but you’re just about to turn an important corner, Taurus. Stay focused and don’t let well-meaning but blinkered friends sway you from your game-plan. Make it by the time Thursday comes around. Be confident in what you want. Believe in your dreams. It’s the recipe for success. Ring me now for good news regarding romance.


May 22 - June 21

New influences enter your working life. Many of your sign will be making it difficult for you to know whether you should, or should not, leave the old dreams behind. Not at all. They may be new, but you’re the one with longevity and staying power. Don’t make decisions just yet though, not until you see what dramatics Thursday has in store. Call me now to hear why I know you’re the winner.


June 22 - July 23

You have been taking advantage of a situation in the home. It is only by making a promise to yourself that you will play it straight from now on, that you will get the respect a sign such as you craves. Apologies offered this week are meant, accept them. It’s time for you all to turn over a new sheet. The future is bright if you do. Call so I can tell you what your future holds.


July 24 - Aug 23

The stars are going to be making you more irritable than usual and you may even find yourself falling out with close ones you usually cannot fail to get along with. Why not try dealing with what has to be dealt with, rather than everything but? Phone calls need to be made and decisions reached, so you can enjoy this week as you’d planned. Success is calling. Will you answer? Phone now for clarity.


Aug 24 - Sept 23

Avoid making too many plans if you want this week to go as expected, but do not be tempted to change preparations at the last minute or you are sure to create a whole load of trouble. Scorpios won’t tell tales on you, if you share your secret with them that’s becoming such a weight. In fact, you share more in common than you know this year. Phone now to hear why travel is so well starred.


Sept 24 - Oct 23

I know you have had a lot to put up with recently, but that doesn’t mean you need to take it out on your loved ones. They have something to talk to you about, which your stars tell me should become your priority. Answers to any worries can only be found if you reach out and help others as you want them to help you. Phone calls promise romance on Friday. Ring me now to work through it all.


Oct 24 - Nov 22

You’re worrying far too much about what other people think. You forget how likeable you are and that others just want to know you’re ok. It’s time to set your own standards. After all, you’re the one who has to live with the consequences, Scorpio. Raising the stakes in romance can see you getting a commitment you’d never have thought possible. Ring me now for answers to life and love.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

Family want what you can’t give. Don’t play games, say no now. Venus brings new offers in love from Sunday. You may feel you have not got anything to show for your efforts these past few months, but you’re wrong. In fact, the planets are about to show you just what kind of support is awaiting you and you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Call me now for news on those finances.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

Run ins with people from your past (at last) give you the upper hand. You won’t expect to see those you cross paths with this week, but you will feel as if you have been able to end a dramatic and colourful story. You’ll be glad to leave this immature chapter behind you. Ensure you say things you’ll look back on and be proud of. Ring now to hear how dreams are messages from Venus.


Jan 21 - Feb 19

A better way to do your job is found and makes your life a happier place to be. New flirtations come with a price. Find out what it is. You are likely to be feeling overtired from all the mental work you have been doing. Your mind is like your body; it needs to rest from time to time. Arrange to see who you’ve been so awful to. They missed you too. Call now and learn to relax.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

You feel you are getting nowhere, but I can promise you that the opposite is true. If only you could stop over analysing everything that is happening, then you would see that your future is a good one. You have all the support you could possibly wish for. Younger faces, who were out of order, fall into order from Friday. Call my star line now to hear which sign will spice up your week.

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