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Cassia Pin: 2411

I am from a long line of Northumbrian Psychics and have been interpreting tarot cards and Rune stones for over 25 years. I work closely with my spirit guide and I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient plus a developing medium. I try to give an honest, clear picture to a problem and help you to see the way forward to  manifest hopes and dreams. I am also a healer, Crystal adviser and animal communicator and dream interpreter. If you want true life guidance I am here to help you. I specialise in relationships, family and work. At the end of each of my readings I give you a positive affirmation for your day. I am an Animal Angelic Healer and Animal Spiritual Communication Practitioner.

"Cassia is a very gentle softly spoken lady. She was able to correctly pick up on some important things for me that gave me the reassurance i needed. Thanks"
Karon, England
"Hi... today I had taken a huge step In the right direction and felt enlightened of decided to call cassia 2411...I wasn't sure if I had spoken to her before or not but as soon as I heard her gentle soothing kind voice I was at peace..spot on with where I'm at and her guidance is reassuring and and healing..her knowledge is spectacular and her words are pure and powerful....she's like an angel..thank you and I will speak to you soon..blessings..."
Kerrie, England


Spiritual Counsellor

A developed natural intuition that enables them to link in with a person and understand the past, present and future. Connecting with what is going on in the persons' present life and what is ahead in the future. Picks up on thoughts, feelings, and obstacles and bring clarity with insight.


A psychic who sees images in their minds eye while reading for someone. This may be clear pictures of the past, present and future or can sometimes be presented to them in a symbolic way. A clairvoyant can often read for you just by connecting with you this way and may not use cards in the reading.


Tarot cards are often used by psychics to look at a specific situation in detail. The cards can offer more insight and give a more in depth reading alongside the skills of the reader, whether they are psychic, clairvoyant or medium. The tarot cards can predict the present and the outcome of the future.

Spiritual Counsellor

Spirituality brings a deeper meaning to life, a sense of belonging to and connecting with the universe. Living life spiritually increases awareness of the higher self, listening to your intuition and following your own path life to create inner peace and happiness. A spiritual counsellor can guide you on your way.

Q & A with Cassia

Please tell us a bit about yourself outside of your work – family, pets, home life etc:  

My family originate and live in Northumberland and I have a son who lives in Rio de Janeiro with his wife and my grandson.  I love all animals and share my home with an English Springer Spaniel and a very large Maine Coon cat who thinks he’s a dog!  I have a large garden – and grow  mostly medicinal and unusual herbs, as well as an abundance of lavender and rosemary – I grow a lot of plants from seeds. I also share my garden with a family of frogs in my pond, a hedgehog and bats!  There is also an owl who comes to visit occasionally.   I live near a large forest and I enjoy walking my dog there – it is a very peaceful and calm place and I love collecting pine cones for my fire in the autumn and winter.

I meditate and am also a Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Acupuncturist, working on a voluntary basis with a local charity.


Please tell us about your skills as a reader and how you conduct your readings?

I have read and given readings using Tarot and Angel cards.  I have a large collection of Tarot Cards – my favourites are Ryder Waite and The Wild Wood Tarot. I also read ordinary playing cards (a skill learned from my maternal grandmother who was psychic)

I also use a set of very special Rune Stones which I made myself from small flat grey stones found in Tintagel, under Tintagel Castle (Merlin’s Cave) and later washed in a well/stream in Glastonbury.  I have used them for over 20 years and use them at every combined Tarot reading.  I have a selection of crystals and pendulums which I also use.

My readings are a mixture of clairvoyance using the Tarot and Rune Stones, as well as Angel Cards and Greek Mythology Cards (if requested at the end of a reading).  I finish all readings with an Angel Card and recommended crystal for the day.


What are your favourite subjects in your readings and what subjects can you look at?

Relationships, Purpose, Family , Career, and Angel connections.  I can look at all aspects of life.


What is your most memorable reading that you have given?

Using playing cards – I did a reading for a friend who was going through a difficult separation with a partner.  I used the playing cards for a 30 minute general reading and the card representing her partner came up for the first time in months. Needless to say the reading, was a very positive one and had a very happy ending.  Her partner came to see her that day and they did eventually get back together.


Please tell us why you enjoy reading for people?

I get great pleasure in leading people to a positive outcome.  The universe is abundant and will listen to all positive requests if the focus is strong.  I like introducing people to the importance of the Tarot and Angel Cards, and introducing them to the very accurate Rune Stones – an ancient divination tool, used by the Vikings and Celtic people for centuries.


When did you realise you had a psychic ability?

I was 7 years old and began to see ‘spirit lights’ in my bedroom.  I also began to see the auras surrounding people and plants, and eventually picked up changes in energy in houses and areas.   I can sense and smell spirit by their pure energy.  My maternal grandmother was highly intuitive, therefore I think my gift is inherited.  I have a very close empathy with domestic animals – dogs and cats – and can sense illness/depression.


Is there anything else you want to tell us about you? For example: your readings, any spiritual experiences or interesting psychic-related stories you have:


I have had many psychic experiences.  My last home had a portal and there was continuous psychic activity, which even my animals picked up on.  My previous home had psychic activity in one of the bedrooms, which would start up whenever I was in the room alone – the room would become icy cold and a strong smell of herbs would permeate the entire room.  This only happened to myself and a couple of other friends (when they were along)  who remarked on it when they were staying there.  I also had a spirit try to contact me when I was in a theatre watching a play!  The spirit followed me to the car and I had to dismiss it before driving home!  I also have had several dreams relating to a past life which has been verified.